Repair and maintenance

LLC "Engineering Service - Putmash" carries out activities for the overhaul of track machines and modernization to extend their operational life.

The following types of multipurpose railway transporters and equipment for JSC “RZhD” (Russian Railways) infrastructure enterprises are repaired on the existing repair sites: ditching machines, ballast cleaners, levelling, lining and tamping machines, Duomatic, Unimat, track machines for track fixing and lubrication of track power wrench, emergency repair machine PRL, railway motor cars, motor locomotives MPT, railway cranes KZh,KZhDE and so on), .), traction modules TEU (RTU, PA, etc.), snowblowers FRES, laying cranes of type and UK-25 / 9-18 and UK-25SP, compressor equipment, road construction machinery, small mechanization, etc., as well as repair of the railway equipment of the State Corporation "Rosatom", including support carriages and wagons-transporters.